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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

thursday blues

one of the worst feelings in the world is inadequacy.

you can name me the world's most famous politicians, or actresses or even just the bloke who lives round the corner. we've all been plagued by it. we all know the feeling of staying up in the middle of the night, biting our nails, staring blankly into the endless dark horizon and questioning ourselves "Am i good enough?"

once in a while, we get the lucky chance to encounter a Free Spirit. A person who isn't imprisoned by the slavery our human mind so claims just to reign terror in our timid consciences. that person speaks freely of her/his mind - no barriers attached, struts and moves like a person on a mission, do whatever that needs to be done just to fulfill the impulse of the moment. we'll be watching in awe and go home still aching and swelling of envy and admiration of such individuals and yet again going to bed with that empty hollow feeling and the emblazed question of "Why can't that be me?"

but here are the facts. that person, goes to bed as empty and hollow as you are too. probably these people are just a little better at pretending, that's all.

life is a constant battle of self-love and acceptance. there are no heroic uphill conquests. it's as unpredictable and tumultous as a sine cosine wave graph. nobody has ever felt adequate all their lives. they need to be assured and reassured that they are, and even if they aren't , that's perfectly okay.

anyways here are small boosters to give your Confidence the botox injection it so desperately needs. see if it works for you :)

1) Travel. Go to a foreign country with a foreign language. better yet, do it ALONE. it's amazing what the human being is capable when put into a foreign position. you feel a sense of self-achievement and that surge mixture of adrenaline and happiness when you manage to get yourself out of a rut. of course there's a question of budget. not everyone can afford vacations. especially students like us. we can always opt to just get out of our comfort zone. my personal favourite always is getting lost in the city i live in. i mean, there's always places that are yet to be explored, right? or just take up a hobby that you wouldn't in a million years think of doing anyway. like baking or wrestling or something. hahaha

2) Quit facebook. or twitter or whatever. i used to have this self-destruct habit of going on facebook and browse through people's lives and pretty pictures and automatically start to feel like garbage. teruk gila kot effect, sampai all i wanna do after a session of 'self-mutilation' on the net, is to crawl into my bed and hide in my selimut for hours, trying hard to combat self-doubt from slapping me from left to right. hahah. not at all an exaggeration. seriously, memang i did the stay in selimut all day thingy. needless to say, it has rendered me unproductive, so i decide it's high time to change. hence, the not onlining on facebook so often.

3) Embrace all your broken parts. your very handicap could prove to be your forte. don't choose to see the glass half-empty or half-full, choose to see it well damn full ! technically it is anyway , half water + half air = full glass ! yes, by all means opt for narcissistic love. try to discover and learn bits and pieces of you each day. you're bound to be surprised at how little you know of yourself anyway. the things you hate about yourself could be the very reason people love so much about you :)


Jay Isa said...

this is so motivating, go lisa! :') i so need to take your words and put them in my motivational book! :D

Anonymous said...
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outbound malang said...

Nice blog :)
salam kenal sobat :)
bagi - bagi motivasi
semoga bisa jadi semangat
Senyuman adalah sedekah yang indah, karena dengan sedekah senyuman, manusia takkan pernah merasa berhutang apa-apa dan tak kan membuat orang lain merasa terhina
ditunggu kunjungan baliknya yaa :) terima kasih ....

Anonymous said...
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